Canon Miraisha Programme

A Canon Programme Developing Skills in Africa

Canon Miraisha Programme

Our Miraisha programme is promoting job opportunities and future livelihoods in Africa by offering workshops to photographers, videographers, filmmakers and print business owners to enhance and support their skill sets.

The Miraisha programme embodies Canons corporate philosophy, Kyosei, which means living and working together for the common good. Even the name of the programme. Miraisha, is a blend of Japanese and African (Swahili) language.

What’s On

Find out about Miraisha latest events and news for the coming year.

Miraisha and Zebra Productions unite to grow skills in the film industry

Canon Miraisha programme and Zebra Productions a leading film and TV production company in Kenya have come together to conduct and co-host on set training for young Kenyan film and photography enthusiasts looking to work in the film and TV industry with the possibility of internship on their TV show Salem.
The programme entails a 3- month mentorship programme to support the development of talent from July – December 2023. With first priority being young people from Nderi community, the focus is then to spread countrywide after the completion of the first batch of training.
Together, Canon and Zebra Productions believe in the limitless possibilities of self-expression and are dedicated to empowering the next generation of storytellers in Kenya hence the partnership is fundamental to the same. More updates will follow on the students’ progress.

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Fashion Photography

Stories from the Coast

The Canon Miraisha programme in partnership with The NRB Bus (Cultural Video Production) Baru Collective, Pwani University and the GoBlue Project are coming together to conduct a series of workshops to support young photographers and videographers who are interested in developing their skills in the field of digital media and storytelling.
The workshop will focus on how to tell stories on cultural heritage in different digital formats for a period of 3 months from September to November 2023.
The workshops aim to support the creation of skilled jobs in the digital media industries in Kenya, while at the same time contributing to the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage to support the development of cultural tourism within the larger Blue Economy sector in East Africa. This includes, among others, the promotion of local cultural heritage as a set of resources to develop a sustainable economy.
Watch this page to see further updates from the trainings and how the students’ progress.

Inspiring Creativity Together

The Canon Miraisha Program is excited to announce its collaboration with the Lagos Photo Festival, aimed at nurturing the creative spirits of photography enthusiasts. The Lagos Photo Festival is an initiative of the African Artists' Foundation, established in Nigeria in 2010 with the aim of creating a platform for African photographers to share their work and to connect with other photographers from around the globe. This is a pivot to what our philosophy “Kyosei” is known for. Through various programmes such as a street photography workshop, a student-to-pro talk, a product photography masterclass, and portfolio reviews, this collaboration aims to equip young talents with basic skills in photography and digital imaging to enable them to transform their talents into a sustainable livelihood. The 2023 edition of the festival in collaboration with Canon Central and North Africa will take place from September 6th to December 1st, 2023, covering three cities: Lagos (Nigeria), Cotonou, and Ouidah (Republic of Benin). For more information, follow Canon Central and North Africa and Lagos Photo Festival on their various social media pages.

Inspiring Creativity Together


Canon Miraisha Programme and SEMA, meaning "Say it" in Swahili, have joined forces to create an empowering collaboration. Together, they aim to provide a platform for Kenyan film and photography enthusiasts to tell their own stories and share them with the world. Through workshops, inter-city exchanges, and projects like Sema Youth Film Festival and Stories from our Cities, they foster creativity and self-expression. Their targets include photographers at all skill levels, from DSLR users to those exploring mirrorless technology, as well as filmmakers of all levels. Through workshops, mentoring, and capacity-building initiatives, they aim to uplift and support the development of creative talents in Kenya. Together, Canon and SEMA believe in the limitless possibilities of self-expression and are dedicated to empowering the next generation of storytellers. Keep an eye out for a workshop coming to your city.


Embark on a captivating journey with ‘Uncle’ Tore Oriase, a 21-year-old photographer from Nigeria's Ilaje Bariga community. Discover how Tore's encounter with the Canon Miraisha Programme ignited his passion for photography and storytelling.

Through his newfound skills, Tore has been able to provide for his family and transform his life. Now, he aspires to empower children by sharing his knowledge and experiences. Join him as he dreams of establishing a photography studio, a safe space where children can explore the art form and discover endless possibilities.

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Capturing the Masai Mara

Capturing the Masai Mara

The Canon Miraisha programme, in collaboration with Ishara run a three-month photography training and mentorship programme for 9 Maasai safari guides that are working in the Masai Mara. The programme encompasses everything from learning how to take photos, capturing the moment, looking for creative angles and being able to teach their customers while being out on game drives. It is the perfect marry as the Maasai guides are indigenous to the land and know a lot about the animal’s traits and behaviors to be able to capture special moments in their photos.

Click here to get to know the Maasai guides and to see their incredible photographs.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

A Canon Miraisha Storytelling Workshop, in collaboration with Uganda Press Photo Awards (UPPA), recently concluded seeing 11 aspiring young photographers pass through the workshop. Kenyan based Canon Certified Trainer, Georgina Goodwin, hosted this workshop virtually for one week, in order to bring light to the importance of storytelling and how to craft well composed stories to convey a message or a situation.

As an example, one of the projects by Ayenga Andrew Maxwell depicted the story of two brothers who were pressured to grow up early, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The story unfolds to show their hardships and unspoken family bonds in such tidal times. Through the power of photography and storytelling in imagery, Maxwell used emotional appeal to send his messages across. This workshop challenged the students and taught them new skills they need to successfully master the art of storytelling in their beautiful photographs.

See all the students work from this workshop here.

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A Young Girls Dream to Another

After a long struggle and fight to go to school, Anne Tumpesia’s story flourishes as she becomes an inspiration to the women in her village as a Safari guide of 7 years and a recent Canon Miraisha graduate from the Canon Miraisha x Ishara safari guide photography training programme, taking her one step closer to her dreams of becoming a photojournalist.

The women in Anne’s village are not typically given an education and are expected to look after the house or take care of the animals in the field; however, Anne challenged those norms and escaped those ideals with her determination for a different way of life. Despite wanting a career in a male dominated industry, Anne excelled as a safari guide and over the years her efforts have been recognized after winning the 2019 MAA Awards as the best female tour guide of the year. She also won the 2022 award for Eco Trip Match for the best nature tour guide.

Anne jumped at the opportunity to take part in the first Canon Miraisha x Ishara photography training programme and has had a huge impact on her life already. With the skills and training she learned in the programme, Anne is now able to tell her stories through the lenses and pass her knowledge onto the next generation of creative girls and women in her community. Her advice is if she can do it, so can you too!

Nurturing the Next Generation

Canon Miraisha has partnered with Multichoice Talent Factory (MTF) to promote the creative art of filmmaking through a series of workshops and trainings for the 2021 MTF cohort of students. The MTF Academy is an education programme that develops emerging TV and film talent in Africa, through an accredited 12-month immersion programme including both theory and hands-on experience in cinematography, editing, audio production and storytelling. Through this partnership Canon Miraisha will supports MTF Academy students to hone their filmmaking and technical skills through a three-month series of trainings that focus on developing a strong foundation of technical know-how, filmmaking basics and introduction to different cameras and lens types. Watch this space to see how they get on.

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Power in the Hands of Local Communities

Canon’s Miraisha programme has partnered with Ishara in the Maasai Mara on an initiative which envisions to educate and train the local Maasai indigenous tour-guides with necessary skills thus transforming them into Canon ambassadors and content creators. The grassroots initiative envisions to play to the strengths of the local Maasai people and their excellent knowledge of the area by placing the power of photography in their hands. Likewise, the initiative also looks at promoting and empowering women to become Maasai tour-guides by providing various training and educational opportunities. Lastly, the partnership will also train up young children of the Mara and surrounding communities in photography and the power of storytelling, in turn giving us an insight into a young Maasai’s view of the Mara, and fostering new skills and hobbies for the younger generations. Watch our collaboration grow here.

Stories of the World Through Your Lens

Canon Miraisha in collaboration with VII Academy is organizing a workshop for 10 selected students offering them an opportunity to revel into the skills of Documentary and Photojournalism Photography. The workshop comprises of 12 sessions focusing on multiple photography topics. Students will be guided by world-renowned photographers namely Nichole Sobecki and Stefano De Luigi.
Interested to know more about the workshop? Click here
* All applications will be collected and managed by the partner, VII Academy.


Canon Miraisha Programme Scholarship Winners

Watch the video to get to know the 10 selected Canon Miraisha Programme young students as they go on a journey to develop their visual storytelling at the prestigious KCA University.

Journey of Young African Dreamers

A Canon Miraisha initiative that aims to award the young students in Kenya with photo and film scholarships, through the launch of a heart-warming hero video that celebrates the successes of the programme till date.

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Meet our Maasai Mara Guides

  • Ann Tumpesia

    Favorite Animal: Giraffe

  • Bernard Naurori

    Favorite Animal: Giraffe

  • Fintan Sankei

    Favorite Animal: Elephant

  • Joseph Kinyua

    Favorite Animal: Elephant

  • Judy Rotiken

    Favorite Animal: Giraffe

  • Peter Sairowua

    Favorite Animal: Elephant

  • Peter Mpoe

    Favorite Animal: Leopard

  • Solomon ole Sanoi

    Favorite Animal: Zebra

  • Sophy Silanoi

    Favorite Animal: Hyenas

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