Rental Services with Canon Authorized Rental Partners 2021

Terms and Conditions

Rental Services with Canon Authorized Rental Partners 2021


The promoter is Canon Central & North Africa, Regional Sales Organisation, Dubai Internet City, Canon Building, P.O. Box: 500 007, Dubai UAE


2.1. Promotional Period:

This service is only available on rents made of any of the products listed below (the “Promotional Products”) within Egypt between 1st of May 2021 and 31st December 2023 inclusive (the “Promotional Period”). All other products are excluded.

2.2. Promotional Products

2.2.1. This service is only valid for the rent of the following products (if available with the rental house):

Category Eligible Product
Cinema EOS EOS C700FF
EOS C700S35
EOS C200
*Note: Canon will review the inclusion of the EOS C70 and will inform Rental House partners accordingly.
Broadcast and Cinema Lenses CN-E 14mm T3.1 L Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 20mm T1.5 L Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 24mm T1.5 L Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 35mm T1.5 L Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 50mm T1.3 L Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 85mm T1.3 L Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 135mm T2.2 L Cinema Prime Lens
1 Set and/or Combination of Cinema Prime Lens
CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 Compact-Servo Cine Zoom Lens (EF Mount)
CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 Compact-Servo Cine Zoom Lens (EF Mount)
CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 L (EF Mount/ PL Mount)
CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L (EF Mount/ Pl Mount)
CN-E30-105mm T2.8 L (EF Mount/ PL Mount)
CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 L (EF Mount/ PL Mount)
CN-E 14mm T3.1 Sumire Prime
CN-E 20mm T1.5 Sumire Prime
CN-E 24mm T1.5 Sumire Prime
CN-E 35mm T1.5 Sumire Prime
CN-E 50mm T1.3 Sumire Prime
CN-E 85mm T1.3 Sumire Prime
CN-E 135mm T2.2 Sumire Prime
1 Set and/ or Combination of Sumire Prime Lens
RF Lenses RF 50mm/F1.2L USM
RF 85mm/F1.2L USM
RF 85mm/F1.2L USM DS
RF 15-35mm/F2.8 L IS USM
RF 24-70mm/F2.8 L IS USM
RF 28-70mm/F2 L USM
RF 24-105mm/F4 L IS USM
RF 70-200mm/F2.8L IS USM
RF 100-500mm/F4.5 - 7.1L IS USM
RF 600mm/F11 IS STM
RF 800mm/F11 IS STM

2.2.2. Eligible Products must have been supplied and distributed by Canon Central & North Africa. In order not to be disappointed, it is always recommended that you check with your rental house. For a full list of the participating Rental houses see point 2.4.

2.3. Participants

2.3.1. All Participants must be aged 18 or over and must be resident in Egypt.

2.3.2. All Participants are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2.3.3. Resellers or/and distributors are not allowed to rent the product(s) on behalf of their customers.

2.4. Participating Rental houses:

Store name Store address (street name, city, CP) Store email address for contact
Good Shoot 7 Ahmed Abdel Moneim, Dokki A, Dokki, Giza, Egypt
3 ART 8 Shaheen, Al Agouzah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Zoom Media Services 5 Mohammed Ali, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Sama Media 50 Syria, Mit Akaba, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Elshukary Media 138 Sudan St, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Perfect for Video and Cinema Services 5 Mohammed Ali, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

3. HOW TO Rent?

3.1. To rent your Canon product, the Participant must go to Canon’s booking system, book the product from the respective rental house then go physically to collect the product. To return the product, the participant should go physically to the rental house and return the rented Canon product.

3.2. To rent your Canon product go to
  • Go to your country
  • Select the product(s) to be rented
  • Select the nearest rental house to your location
  • Enter your personal information and click submit
  • Participants will then receive an email confirming that their rent has been received and confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your data, or do not have access to a computer, please contact
  • Visit the respective rental house, show the email of confirmation and your booking reference to collect your Canon product
  • Once your renting period is over, visit the respective rental house and return the Canon product (s) you’ve rented

3.3. The rental service is limited to 2 weeks rent of the eligible product(s) per household or per business. submissions by businesses or individuals who make bulk rents (being more than 4 Promotional Products) will be reviewed by the rental house and Canon before confirming the renting order. Canon or/and the rental house has the right to contact the customer and make sure that the order is valid and it’s not fake order or “robotic” order.

3.4. The Promotional Products are subject to availability while stocks last. Canon will not be liable for the failure of rental houses to fulfil orders of Promotional Products during the Promotional Period.

3.5. The rental of Canon products is the responsibility of the renter, the Rental House partners and Canon cannot in any shape or form collect financial obligations that arises from this transaction.


4.1. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Canon shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature howsoever caused, sustained by any Participant under this service. However, nothing in these rules shall have the effect of excluding or restricting Canon’s liability for personal injury or death caused by the proven negligence of Canon’s employees or agents.

4.2. Canon reserves the right to void, amend, and/or change this service at any time without incurring any liability whatsoever.

4.3. Canon reserves the right to audit any order to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions and to request additional information and supporting documents. Canon reserves the right to exclude orders and/or Participants if it suspects that the service is being abused in any way. Decisions taken by Canon in connection with the offer are final and will not give rise to an exchange of correspondence.


Canon Central & North Africa is responsible for controlling and processing personal data provided by participants. Any personal data submitted to us will be processed by Benamic, IDA Business & Technology Park, Ring Road, Kilkenny, Ireland for the purpose of administering this service and, if applicable, for marketing purposes – in cases when Participants have opted-in to receive marketing communication from Canon. The personal data provided is held securely and may be transferred on a secure server outside the participant’s country.

All data collected will be stored in Canon’s servers in the UK.

Personal data collected from participants is subject to Canon's consumer data privacy policy: