Quadient Inspire

Quadient Inspire

Quadient Inspire™ is the leading single-design customer communications management (CCM) solution that lets you create, manage and deliver seamless customer communications across all channels to build lifetime profitable relationships.


  • Choice – choose the channel by which you want to communicate with clients. A single design deploys across all channels.
  • Continuous engagement – marketing, sales and operational teams are empowered to communicate with customers using relevant channels for different types of content.
  • Consistency – when clients interact with your company they will experience consistency in brand and message.
  • Context – upsell and cross-sell more effectively when you design communications based on individual customer needs.
  • Faster time to market – whatever the communication, your application can be rapidly developed, reducing time to market by up to 70%.
  • Speed – optimise response time and enable real-time two-way interactions with self-service communication.
  • Unmatched quality – that comes from being developed using CMMI development methods and to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Dynamic scalability – with the ability to be easily deployed into private or hosted cloud environments and integrated with other cloud services, including CRM and ERP.
  • Superior performance – designed to produce the highest volumes at complex communications with superb accuracy and reliability.
  • Immediate value – typically delivering ROI in less than nine months.

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Quadient Inspire

Customer insight

Your customers expect personalised and relevant communications that meet their interests and needs, as they evolve. By capturing and bringing together information on lifestyle preferences and business transactions from a range of sources and integrating it with your customer information systems, including CRM and others, Quadient Inspire provides an enriched, single view of each customer that will help you create more profitable lifetime relationships.

Customer communications

You can design the most dynamic communications. Your designers define production and content rules, controlling content to ensure compliance and brand consistency and the solution intelligently translates these for each customer to create more effective communication assets. You will be empowered to design and manage structured, interactive and on-demand communications, using data-driven graphics, image manipulation, white space and advanced colour management with real-time proofing.

Multi-channel content production

Quadient Inspire’s built-in multi-channel production capabilities enable business to optimise communication delivery across any channel such as web, mobile, print, social media and email. It supports enterprise level communication across multiple channels on a single platform with rapid deployment and amendments from one central function. Print workflows and digital processes can be easily and accurately managed, controlled and reviewed.
Your users will feel empowered thanks to managed access that allows design, preview, approval and deployment of communications without the help of programmers or developers.

Response management

Quadient Inspire creates engaging communications designed to generate high levels of response. GMC has made capturing and acting on those responses, analysing and managing them simple so that you can deepen customer insight and continually refine customer conversations.

Process and management automation

The core engine is built to ensure you can execute and control an enterprise communications strategy with precision, speed and maximum efficiency. Users own the content they create which allows them immediate access to customers and the ability to embedd offers and calls to action. Changes can be executed in minutes with an end-to-end process that includes approval, proofing and testing. In-house and external or remote users can share comments to create the best, most creative communications possible.

Seamless compliance

In the marketing and communications world it is vital that communications are delivered in compliance with industry regulations and directives. The solution assures compliance with fast changes implemented across all channels and accountability matched to owners.

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