Efficient document workflow software with powerful features – transform the way you manage and share business documents.

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The right information, at your fingertips

Therefore delivers a fast and efficient flow of information, with secure access, storage, editing and processing.

Faster processes

Capture paper or digital documents quickly and easily. Therefore boosts productivity by cutting time-consuming administrative processes.

Secured information

Stay compliant while keeping data safe. Advanced access controls, permission rights and anti-tamper measures keep your information protected.

Any device, anytime

Therefore delivers real-time web-based access to any device. Now your people can get the information they need at any time, from anywhere.

Therefore access anywhere

Built to fit every organisation

Therefore is a flexible, scalable solution designed to fit organisations of any size. From on-premise implementation to fully managed cloud-based Therefore Online, there’s a package for every situation.

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Ensure continuity

Therefore’s redundant backup and resilient data repository helps your organisation get back to business following fire, flood or other disasters.

Improve collaboration

Secure, real-time collaboration with smart version control means your employees can work together on the latest documents with confidence.

Analyse & automate

Easily identify process bottlenecks with dynamic ad hoc and automated reporting, plus access to KPIs for both archive and document workflows.

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Complete security in the cloud

Your information needs to move with you, and with Therefore Online you can access information quickly and easily, wherever you are, from the cloud. Data is securely backed up and safe from external threats.

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Store and retrieve information instantly

Information can be a strategic asset – stay ahead in a competitive marketplace with intuitive information management.

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Discover the latest features

From the redesigned Web user interface, which now includes customisable user dashboard, through simpler, more flexible access controls to expanded support for electronic signatures. Therefore™ delivers even more value.

Discover the latest features

The features of information management software

100% scalable 100% scalable

100% scalable

Built for any size of business

Automated processes Automated processes

Automated processes

Speed up efficiency and productivity

Real-time access Real-time access

Real-time access

Retrieve files from anywhere

Secure storage Secure storage

Secure storage

Date is fully compliant and backed up

Fast data capture Fast data capture

Fast data capture

Keep track of files with smart version control

Industry-wide Industry-wide


Ideal for HR, logistics, finance, contracts

Easy integration Easy integration

Easy integration

Use with third parties like ERP, Outlook, SAP and more

1-10,000s of users 1-10,000s of users

1-10,000s of users

Editions for every use case

Unlock efficient data processes for your business with Therefore

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