Compart DocBridge® Suite

Create, process, check and output documents of any format, type and size for print and digital channels – quickly and efficiently
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Intelligent Automation in Input-Output Management

Increase the efficiency and transparency of your omnichannel customer communication processes through these innovative, scalable applications for input and output management
  • Universal Document Processing

    Processing of documents of any format and origin for each digital and analogue communication channel, such as analysis, classification, modification, separation/mixing and conversion

  • Automated Document Delivery Process

    A central document distribution hub for all physical and electronic channels.

  • Automated Document Checking

    Quality assurance in document output and customer communication management.

Key Benefits

Benefit from increased efficiency and quality assurance, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience with Canon software and solutions

  • Increase Productivity

    Bridge the gap between your paper-based and digital communications and eliminate manual tasks through automation.

  • Reduce Costs

    Unlock operational cost savings by automating repetitive manual tasks with this document composition system – including mobile-first document creation – and variable data production.

  • New Technology

    Link to third-party applications based on open standards, such as API, to benefit from a wide range of deployment – from a single machine to orchestrated cloud.

  • Improve Flexibility

    DocBridge® Suite applications are platform-independent and can be integrated seamlessly into existing OM structures.

  • Make Your Omnichannel Communication Fit for the Future

    Compart DocBridge® Suite covers all document and output management processes: receiving, creating, converting, modifying, bundling, reviewing, monitoring and sending documents of any type on all physical and digital channels

    Universal Document Processing (DocBridge® Mill Plus)

    Analyse, separate, classify, index, modify and convert data streams and documents of various origins and prepare them for display and output on all digital and physical channels, including web, archive and mobile devices.

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    Automated Document Delivery: DocBridge® Pilot

    Control and optimise all post-composition processes including postage optimisation, archiving, franking and inserting via a single central output system with flexible shipment pool for all channels.

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    Automated Document Checking: DocBridge® Delta

    Analyse and compare complex documents – automated, completely reliable and independent of the format and structure of the files to be checked. Avoid mistakes with dynamic document creation and delivery and benefit from 100% rule compliance in your customer communications.

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