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Keep up with all the action at sporting events such as horse and motor racing or air shows.

Get closer in comfort

Our compact and portable racing binoculars get you comfortably closer. An optical Image Stabilizer enables super steady handheld views, while a wide field of view makes it easier to scan the track or skies and follow fast moving targets.

Get as close as you need

Magnifications between 8x to 12x are ideal for outdoor sporting events. At airshows, or where you are a long way from the action, larger 10x and 12x magnifications are ideal; while 8x magnification is a good choice for indoor events.

Get as close as you need

Super steady handheld viewing

Relax at the track with a super steady handheld view, thanks to Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer (IS), which counteracts a wide range of movement and shake. Easily identify and track fast moving subjects with smooth panning support.

Super steady handheld viewing

Superb edge-to-edge quality

Our sporting event binoculars get you closer to the action in clear, sharp detail, thanks to Canon precision optics and Super Spectra lens coatings. The field flattener element ensures a detailed edge-to-edge view and reduces eyestrain.

Canon precision optic

Easy, comfortable operation

A well-balanced design ensures comfortable, easy handling for long periods. Large rubber eyecups can be folded back if you’re wearing glasses and a dioptre adjuster adapts the optics to suit your eyesight. A strap and carry case keep your binoculars safe.

Easy comfortable operation

Recommended binoculars for sporting events

Choose from a range of magnifications that get you comfortably closer to the action.

Other activities

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