10 Top Tips for Creative Photography at Home

David Parry
David Parry

Product Intelligence Consultant, Canon UK

With many of us looking for creative distractions to keep us occupied at home during this period, there’s never been a better time to try something different when it comes to photography at home.

I wanted to share my top 10 easy to execute photography ideas to try without having to leave the house, and would encourage you to think about advancing your skills by making the most of what you have available at home.

1. Inside out

Be creative with backdrops and lighting to create the illusion of being outdoors. A mix of flash and tungsten lighting can create the impression of evening sunlight which could help to create some stunning shots. Do this by taking control of the white balance on the camera.


2. DIY lighting

Simple table lamps are a great source of DIY portable lighting. Remember that different bulb types can give you different colours and effects, so experiment with your options here. You can also use spot light style lamps as hair lights and backlights if you want to add an abstract feel to your photos.


3. Play with depth of field

Creative use of depth of field can give off a feeling of space, even in a small room. Be selective about what’s in focus using small aperture numbers like f/4 or f/2.8 to add a three-dimensional look.


4. Go macro

Macro photography can be shot in almost any space. Most lenses have a macro or close focusing capability. With interesting direct lighting and use of shadows, even house plants can look dramatic. On most lenses the minimum focus distance is written on the lens barrel.

5. Colours

When shooting still life, think about shooting different items from around the house that are all the same colour. This can create very interesting shots which focus the viewer’s attention on the textures and composition of the items.


6. Camera effects

Most cameras have various creative modes. Set up a shot and then take the same photo using a different creative effect. This will give you a good understanding of what the camera is doing and will allow you to fine tune.


7. Animals

Pets can be great fun to photograph! Close up shots and shots from the animal’s perspective can give you unusual images. This might take some practice and training but that’s all part of the fun.

8. Portraits

If you have obliging family members, now is the time to practice your portrait techniques. You don’t need a studio or expensive lighting. Soft window lighting can be a great main light source and using white paper, card or mirrors to reflect light back at the subject gives you lovely light control.


9. H20

Water is a great subject to photograph. By simply controlling the shutter speeds, you can create some fun effects with motion. Fast shutter speeds like 1/1000 of a second freeze motion, so try dropping an object into a bowl of water and capture the splash. Adding food dye to the water or using paint can create great effects too.

10. Get reflective

Mirrors are great for controlling light whether you are shooting still life or portrait photography. Think about using a mirror or polished metal as a base for your still life shots – the reflections could be interesting. You can also shoot into a mirror to get an unusual angle of flowers or house plants.

I hope you find these tips useful. We'd love to see how you get on – please tag us when you share your photos on social:
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