How Doxdirect is helping children learn maths during the pandemic

Wayne Kershaw
Wayne Kershaw

National Sales Manager, DS Professional Print - Graphic Arts, Canon UK

In the national fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, we’re all experiencing our own unique obstacles. With schools shut in the UK, parents now face the challenge of helping their children to learn from home (often while juggling remote working commitments at the same time!)

New advances in digital technology, as well as help and collaboration from people around the country, have made the process of educating children at home much easier. Businesses, teachers and celebrities alike are coming together to offer helpful resources, one of the most notable being Joe Wicks’ virtual PE sessions which puts children (and parents) through their paces every morning across the UK.

However, not every household can access these resources in the same way. For example, many learning materials for subjects like maths come in the form of printable activity sheets, which children can fill in at home. But not all households have a printer. The lockdown has also made it more or less impossible to use shared printing resources such as those at public libraries. Children shouldn’t be left behind just because they can’t access a printer.’s printed support

Fortunately,, a Canon customer, saw an opportunity to help. The company specialises in printing and delivering paper documents, using a fleet of high-volume colour, black and monochrome Canon Pro print devices to meet its customers’ print needs. This means it’s perfectly placed to alleviate this problem by printing and posting maths tests to those who need them free of charge. The activities are bespoke and customisable, with options to tailor test packs, based on the tasks and the number of children who’ll be taking the tests.

So far, has produced and sent maths activity packs to over 30,000 families, to help children learn and improve their maths abilities during the crisis – and this number continues to grow.


How can I help?

You can help, too. While and Canon cover the cost of packing and printing, the company is now crowdfunding to cover the postage costs. Here, a little goes a long way. By using a standard second-class small letter for each maths test pack, has been able to keep the cost of delivery down to 38p per letter; which means that by raising £10,000, the organisation hopes to secure delivery for around 26,300 packs of maths tests. You can donate to the initiative here.

Measures to combat COVID-19 will impact us all differently and have multiple long-term effects that could last well beyond the end of the lockdown. For example, if certain children lack access to vital learning resources, they may risk falling behind their classmates, exacerbating inequality issues. In this time of unprecedented change, it’s vital for us all to pull together and help each other wherever we can, and’s efforts to help children keep practising maths show the positive impact we can make when businesses leverage their resources to support those in need.

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