Show your style: how to visualise your holiday wardrobe

Online stylist Bo Brown is known for her striking outfits, but packing a suitcase for a city break can still be a challenge. Here's how the Canon Zoemini 2 helped her to get organised.
A hand holding three images, printed on a Canon Zoemini 2 instant printer, of a woman wearing different outfits.

You might think that the shorter the holiday, the easier it is to pack, but this isn't always the case. A weekend city break can be as much of a challenge as a fortnight away – even more so if you only have hand luggage. With limited time and space, you need to be sure you have the right fashion choices to feel as dressed up or down as you'd like on your trip. Because when you feel great, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of exploring a new place.

"Your style is a reflection of your mindset," says Bo Brown, a fashion influencer. "I like to have a good time and dress for unforgettable moments." Bo's daily videos are highly anticipated by her community of followers and her social channels are a rich source of style wisdom, offering hacks and tips from curating the perfect office wardrobe to cropping a jacket and dealing with over-baggy jeans.

Bo loves to travel and she recently spent a weekend in Barcelona – "a vibrant city, which has a lot to offer". The more there is to do, the tougher it can be to streamline your packing, but it's all about thinking ahead. The Canon Zoemini 2 instant printer enabled Bo to create visual aids so she could streamline her outfit choices. Here, she talks us through the process.

Do your research

A woman with long dark hair leans against a bicycle in a picturesque city street.

Choosing outfits is about practicality, as well as style. "I opted for comfortable clothing," says Bo. © Noah Altink

A woman with long dark hair, wearing sunglasses, a pink top and jeans, walks down a city street.

Travelling light isn't always an option. "Sometimes I take an extra outfit, just in case I get one dirty or I don't like it when I get there," Bo says. © Noah Altink

Don't just reach for your favourite dress, but think – really think – about what your holiday will involve. "Before I pack my suitcase, I look at the activities I'm going to be doing and select outfits for both day and night," says Bo. You might not have planned every moment of your weekend, but the location should give you some idea of what you will be doing. Will you be strolling around museums? Hanging out in cafes? Exploring the night scene in the evenings? Bo likes to watch TikTok videos to find out what's going on and "immediately visualise what an activity has to offer," she says.

Make selections

Bo's social feeds are an archive of her past fashion choices, so this is her go-to place when contemplating what to wear. "Every time I select a good outfit I capture it as inspiration for my community," she says. Even if you don't have your outfits recorded, think back to what has previously worked well and look at style influencers you admire. Bo also recommends Pinterest as a great source of inspiration and suggests using the Canon Zoemini 2 to create a holiday outfit mood board.

Think about what looks good and makes you feel good. "When I put the right outfit together, I feel happy," says Bo. Once she has some looks in mind, Bo will lay out all the outfits she is considering on the bed – one side for day, the other side for night. "This way there is a clear overview. Then I classify the outfits, so I know exactly which outfit fits which occasion."

Snap, print and tweak

A woman sat at an outdoor table holds up a Canon Zoemini 2 printer and a just-printed photograph.

Deciding on the most suitable outfit for each occasion can take a while and when you're busy like Bo, time is the biggest challenge. Having the nifty Canon Zoemini 2 to aid selection makes the process quicker – and more fun. © Noah Altink

After photographing a few of her outfit and accessory options, Bo printed them on the Canon Zoemini 2 so she could review her choices and mix and match separates. "I looked at which garments would work with multiple outfits," she says. "For example, I wear bodysuits during the day and at night. Black trousers are also very versatile as they can be worn on almost any occasion." The ability to print directly from her smartphone was a plus for Bo. "With the Canon Mini Print app I can easily add text, or zoom in on the photos," she enthuses. This meant she could annotate the images, marking up thoughts about what might work well together. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of the app allows Bo to implement her own style in the prints which makes it personal.

Finalise your choices

Three Canon Zoemini 2 models lie amidst printed photos, sunglasses, hairbands and a water bottle on a colourful mat.

The Canon Zoemini 2 comes in three colours – rose gold, navy and pearl white – so you can choose your favourite.

A person's reflection is visible in the selfie mirror of a blue Canon Zoemini S2 that they hold in their hand.

If you want to take things a step further to simplify the process, the Canon Zoemini S2 comes with an 8MP camera, enabling you to snap a photo and print it right away. It is also equipped with a selfie mirror, giving you more control over how the photo will come out. Similar to the Zoemini 2, it is compact and fits in your pocket.

For her Barcelona trip, Bo settled on three outfits – for shopping, a lunch date and a bike tour. She describes the shopping day outfit – baggy pants with a cropped pink mohair sweater – as casual chic. "The pink goes very well with blue. The outfit is completed with striking oversized sunglasses and a chic handbag for balance. An ideal outfit for shopping as it is comfortable, but also elegant." The lunch look is all black but in complementary fabrics. "With a completely black outfit, I work with different fabrics to add more dimensions," she explains. The bike tour get-up uses layers – essential for the shifts in body temperature when you're cycling as you might pause to look at something and set off again. "Combining cool boots with baggy jeans and an oversized blazer, this is an outfit that is handy, but also stylish."

A style legacy

A woman sitting at an outdoor table holds up a selection of small photographs. On the table is a Canon Zoemini 2 printer and a pink rose in a vase.

"I really enjoyed using the Canon Zoemini 2," says Bo. "It's so nice to put the prints together on a mood board, but it's also nice to compile your memories." © Noah Altink

A woman with long dark hair and a smart black outfit sits at an outdoor cafe table, holding up a Canon Zoemini 2 printer.

The Canon Zoemini 2 can print your photos in under a minute. "You can easily have the prints within seconds," says Bo. "The Canon Mini Print app works smoothly and automatically connects to your smartphone." © Noah Altink

Not only is the Canon Zoemini 2 a great tool to help you pack, it's also the perfect travel companion. Sleek, pocket-sized, with a battery life of 20 photos, it can accompany you wherever you go on your trip. But the outfit-planning images themselves are great for jogging the memory and help you to visualise full outfits, which will save you packing too many tops and not enough complete options.

Treat the mini prints as keepsakes and stick them in an album, style scrapbook or journal so you can refer to them when planning for future trips – or just enjoy reminiscing about the great time you had.

Written by Rachel Segal Hamilton

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