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Welcome to the interactive Canon Academy Video. Through the virtual film school, learn about the stages of production, equipment and much more!

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Sharpen your filmmaking techniques: Learn from the pros and unlock your creative potential.
Gain insider knowledge: Get industry insights and tips from experienced filmmakers.
Experience our newest Canon camera, getting hands-on with our latest innovations in imaging technology.
Connect with fellow creators: Network with other passionate individuals and build your filmmaking community.

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Canon Virtual Film School

Understand more about what the Canon Academy Video can offer you.
Canon Academy Video is a virtual interactive film school that takes you on a journey to learn about the stages of production and equipment that can be used to bring your vision to life. Get advice and insights from industry professionals and complete assessments to receive your Canon certification.

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  • 1. Pre-Production:

    Movies are made and broken in the preproduction stage. It’s an incredibly important step in making sure a production runs smoothly. Explore the production office to get access to useful document templates. Listen to industry professionals explain how they work to create budgets, communicate their vision to clients and crew and more.

  • 2. Production Studio:

    Production. This is where the magic happens. Explore our studio and you’ll find masterclasses for both lighting and camera control. Compare camera settings and listen to industry experts as they explain their approach to production.

  • 3. Post Production:

    Postproduction is where we bring everything together and build our story. Navigate the post-production suites to learn about managing media, editing and colour grading and more.

  • 4. Kit room:

    Choosing the wrong equipment for a video production can break a budget. However, selecting the right kit can transform the quality of your videos. Explore the filmmaking equipment in the kit room to help you make the right decisions in bringing your stories to life.

  • 5. Theatre:

    This is where we will have information on some of our most recent releases and on the main screen, you’ll have access to live webinar events.

  • Become a certified filmmaker in 3 simple steps:

    It couldn’t be any easier to start, simply follow the 3 steps below and start your journey into video and film production.

    • Step 1: Register

      Register / Login to Canon Academy Video

    • Step 2: Learn

      Explore each area of the production process

    • Step 3: Take The Test

      Take an assessment to achieve your Canon certification