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The World Unseen online exhibition enables people with sight loss to better engage with the visual world, while challenging sighted people to see imagery through their lens. In partnership with the RNIB.

Explore photography as it may be experienced by people with sight loss

‘Love’ by Aleksander Nordahl photograph

The inter-species bond between a beluga whale and the former whaler who saved him.

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‘A Smile in the Rubble’ by Muhammed Muheisen

Muhammed Muheisen’s bittersweet image of children playing in their refugee settlement.

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‘As frozen Land Burns’ by Nana Heitmann photograph

A photographer’s journey to the coldest inhabited place on earth, which is ravaged by wildfires.

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‘Rhino Wars’ by Brent Stirton photograph

South African photojournalist Brent Stirton’s heart-breaking image of the last male northern white rhino.

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Baby Scan image from ultrasound practitioner Bill Smith

A visually impaired mother experiences her baby scan, thanks to Canon and a world-renowned ultrasound practitioner.

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‘Imagine the Future is Watching You’ by Heidi Rondak photograph

Heidi Rondak's AI-generated image envisions the world of tomorrow.

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‘Tomorrow Will Be Better’ by Humberto Tan

Humberto Tan's study of the hands of 100-year-old man Henrikus Davenschot Augustus.

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‘Future’ by Ian Treherne photograph

Blind photographer Ian Treherne’s arresting black-and-white portrait.

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‘Acropora’ by Dr. Jamie Craggs photograph

The incredible moment coral reproduces under water, from a laboratory in Sevenoaks, Kent.

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‘Chloe Kelly’ by Marc Aspland photograph

Marc Aspland captures the precise moment Chloe Kelly changed the game forever.

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‘Darko Đurić’ by Samo Vidic photograph

Samo Vidic’s dynamic portrait of Paralympic swimmer Darko Đurić.

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‘Prayer to the Yanomami Goddess’ by Sebastião Salgado photograph

A world-renowned photographer's unique snapshot into life in the Amazon.

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'Munganau Walks Home’ by Ulla Lohmann photograph

Ulla Lohmann documents a young boy's indifference to an erupting volcano in Matupit, Papua New Guinea.

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‘The Process of Re-Learning Bodies’ by Yagazie Emezie photograph

A powerful study of female body image and the scars we wear by Yagazie Emezi.

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The exhibition you don't need to see' attracted hundreds of blind, partially sighted, and sighted visitors over its three-day showcase. Discover how a World Unseen became a reality in an iconic London venue.

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World Unseen gallery

Whether you're visually impaired, partially sighted, or sighted, explore our collection of images from a different perspective.

This is crazy, I never thought I’d have photos ever again.”

When I was told I was losing my sight, I felt the need to see and do as much as possible. And I was determined to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer.”

4 World-renowned photographers share their work with visually impaired people.

In partnership with

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Canon have collaborated to create World Unseen, an initiative that aims to change the way we all experience imagery.

Close up of relief print of Samo Vidic photograph of swimmer, Darko Đurić

Printing a World Unseen

To make the World Unseen exhibition experience possible, we printed braille and relief versions of imagery using Canon PRISMAelevate XL software and Arizona printer series.

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