PTZ Controller

Canon RC-IP1000

Control and monitor up to 200 cameras using this professional PTZ controller with a 7-inch multi-function touchscreen, an ergonomic joystick and zoom rocker plus buttons and dials for precise control.


  • IP Video and Input Monitoring

    Monitor and control up to 200 cameras.

  • PC-less Set-up of cameras

    Register and system setup of cameras without PC.

  • Professional Inputs and Outputs

    HDMI Out, 12G-SDI in/out, Serial RJ45, LAN/POE+, two USB ports and two GPIO D-Sub 25pin channels.

  • Multiple physical buttons and dials

    For professional control and setting adjustments.

  • High quality joystick and zoom rocker

    Ergonomic, comfortable design.

  • 7-inch touchscreen

    View feeds plus adjust AF settings, crop areas and more.

  • Multiple camera control

    Control multiple cameras by grouping them.

  • Arrow Buttons

    Easy menu navigation.

  • Advanced Pre-Set and Trace control

    Control other cameras during trace. Easy access to preset by physical button/touch screen.


Download the new firmware for the RC-IP1000 and unlock a host of new features including:

• Output IP multi-display screen to external display (12G-SDI/HDMI Out)
• Display of preset/trace thumbnails on LCD panel, external output (12G-SDI/HDMI Out)
• Enables the Tracking Target Selection and Display Position/Size Settings of the Automatic Tracking application
• Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope/Marker display function
• MF Focus guide display at the time of control
• Camera settings copy, backup/restore
• Camera setting information is displayed as OSD on video feed on panel.
• Direct connection to Stream Deck via USB
• Expand XC Protocol connectivity to connect with external devices

Case Stories

Live streaming adds an extra dimension to video production. Learn how these customers took advantage of Canon’s integrated solutions.

  • Redefining TV broadcasting with Canon PTZs for one of Slovakia’s most popular channels

    Popular Slovakian channel, TV JOJ, is revolutionising the use of Canon CR-N500 PTZ cameras to produce TV-quality broadcasting. They are the first station in Slovakia to build PTZ exclusive studios.

  • How Canon inspired childhood friends to kick-start their video production agency

    With a small team, Inspiroiva Creative wanted to tackle any brief their clients threw at them – a full fleet of Canon equipment helped make this happen.

  • Complete Canon kit upgrade for Romania’s largest independent TV channel

    Antena Group needed to be prepared for any production challenge, with Canon they were able to face it all: from Thai islands to ice rinks.

  • RC-IP1000 Comparison

    See how the RC-IP1000 compares to Canon's other PTZ controllers.

    Screen Size

    7 Inch
    7 Inch

    Live input viewing


    Video Connectivity


    Camera Connectivity

    LAN, RS-422 x 5
    LAN, RS-422

    Number of Controllable Cameras


    Tally/GPIO Connectivity

    D-sub 25 pin x 2
    D-sub 9 pin

    Power supply

    DC12V (XLR) / PoE+


    Tactile precision, professional control

    Fine-tune PTZ camera movements using the ergonomically designed joystick, designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand for intuitive twisting control. A customisable button on the top allows even greater versatility such as One Shot AF and Return to Home position.

    Multiple physical buttons and dials

    Control connected cameras thanks to 42 buttons and 14 dials that control functions such as Iris, Gamma, Knee and white balance. Backlit LEDs help general visibility while the professional zoom rocker ensures pinpoint accuracy when adjusting the zoom.


    IP Video and Input Monitoring

    Monitor and control Canon camera feeds quickly and easily on the 7-inch touchscreen via IP with up to nine being viewable at once in various layout options. Whatever camera is chosen, the touchscreen will automatically switch to show that live feed. Alternatively, output one full-screen feed to an external monitor via the 12G-SDI or HDMI port.

    Easy set up without a PC

    Use the RC-IP1000’s camera search function to find and register new cameras via the LAN. RC-IP1000 can change all system settings of up to 200 connected cameras such as IP address, ID, and password. It can also perform initial setup of camera and controller without a PC.


    Multi-camera control made easy

    Group all cameras together or up to ten in one group. Implement presets for multiple PTZ cameras at once as well as control others from Canon’s PTZ and Cinema EOS1 ranges, plus the XF605 Pro Camcorder.

    Intuitive touchscreen

    Access a wide range of settings via the touchscreen. Set Focus Points and settings within touch AF, Face and Eye detection; control Manual Focus Point and adjust crop areas to enable two feeds to be sent out from one camera2.


    Professional inputs and connections

    Incorporate the RC-IP1000 into existing infrastructures or use remotely thanks to a wide range of inputs including DC 12V XLR port, five Serial RJ45 ports, LAN/POE+, USB, HDMI Out, 12G-SDI in/out and two GPIO D-Sub 25pin channels. By using the GPIO/SDI connection with a video switcher, the selection of camera on RC-IP1000 can perfectly link with the selection of camera on video switcher automatically.

    Advanced Pre-Set and Trace control

    Control another camera during a trace and set your other camera positions without having to wait until the trace/pre-set is finished. Register and manage presets and traces by naming them via the touchscreen and use the physical button on the RC-IP1000 for quick access to the pre-set and trace.

    1. C500 Mark II, C300 Mark III and C70 cameras
    2. CR-N700 only

    What's in the box

    • RC-IP1000 Main Unit

    Canon RC-IP1000
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