PTZ Controller

Canon RC-IP1000



  • IP Video and Input Monitoring

    Monitor and control up to 200 cameras.

  • PC-less Set-up of cameras

    Register and system setup of cameras without PC.

  • Professional Inputs and Outputs

    HDMI Out, 12G-SDI in/out, Serial RJ45, LAN/POE+, two USB ports and two GPIO D-Sub 25pin channels.

  • Multiple physical buttons and dials

    For professional control and setting adjustments.

  • High quality joystick and zoom rocker

    Ergonomic, comfortable design.

  • 7-inch touchscreen

    View feeds plus adjust AF settings, crop areas and more.

  • Multiple camera control

    Control multiple cameras by grouping them.

  • Arrow Buttons

    Easy menu navigation.

  • Advanced Pre-Set and Trace control

    Control other cameras during trace. Easy access to preset by physical button/touch screen.

Specifications in detail


  • Power supply (adapter)
  • Power supply (PoE)
    Yes (PoE+)
  • Exterior dimensions
    W 342 mm x H 115 mm x D 245 mm
    (excluding controller level, protruding parts)
  • Weight
    approx. 3.5 kg
  • Operating Temperature
    0°C - 40°C
  • LCD Display
    7-inch touch panel
  • Supported protocols
    XC protocol (IP)
    NU protocol (serial)

Connection specs

  • No. of connectible cameras
    200 (IP), 5 (Serial)
  • No. of camera groups
    20 (10 units per 1 group)


  • Power Supply
    XLR-4pin (10.8 to 20V)
  • Video input/output
    IP IN (video switch with camera selection; 2x2/3x3 multi-camera video display)

    12G-SDI IN/OUT (2K/4K, no additional information such as audio/TimeCode except through-out)

    HDMI OUT (2K, no additional information such as audio/TimeCode)
  • Serial Interface
    RJ45 x 5
  • Tally/GPIO
    D-sub 25pin x 2
  • Video display on touch panel
  • Touch focus from screen
  • USB
    USB Type A x 2 (for saving settings data, firmware update)


  • Preset
    Up to 100 for each camera (depends on camera specs)
  • Hard button support for presets
    Yes (used with camera number buttons)
  • Trace
    Up to 10 for each camera (depends on camera specs)

Control Panel

  • Menu operation
    Yes (touch panel or arrow button and SET/BACK buttons)
  • No. of user buttons
    5 (USER1 to USER10 can be controlled from the touch panel)
  • Touch focus from panel
  • No. of camera Selectable Buttons
    10 (usable as preset select)


  • Initial camera settings without PC
  • Simultaneous multi-camera setup