3 Year Warranty Offer
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More time and less hassle with our 3-Year Warranty Offer

Applies to eligible products listed below

*Terms & Conditions apply


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Buy any of the selected cameras and printers to enjoy greater peace of mind with our 3-Year Warranty Offer


*Terms & Conditions apply

Eligible products

Buy any of the selected cameras & greater piece of mind with our 3-Year Warranty Offer



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How will I know if my claim is delayed due to incorrect or missing information?

Upon having successfully registered online for a Canon warranty offer, you will be sent by email a confirmation of your application containing both your reference number and personalised log-in details for a website on which you can check the status of your claim. In the event that you have registered any incorrect information, this will reflect on that site and you will also be sent an email informing you of the information still required. The quickest way for to provide us with any missing information is by logging in to that website and updating your details.

What formats can be used for uploading documents as part of the registration process and are there any size restrictions?

Please note! Your file should not be larger than 4 MB. You can only upload JPG, TIF and PDF.

What transactions/products are excluded from this warranty offer?

Exclusions are detailed in the Terms and Conditions. In summary, the exclusions include the following:
1. Non-promotional products. See HERE for a full list of eligible products
2. Product purchased outside of promotional territory
3. Second-hand, refurbished or reconditioned products, or products which are counterfeit or infringe the intellectual property rights of the Canon group of companies in anyway (for example, including but not limited to parallel or “grey” products)

On the on-line claim form, what do you mean by ‘payment option’?

This refers to how you originally purchased the product.

Where is the product serial number?

To locate the serial number visit the link 'Where to find serial for printers and cameras. And it will show you where it is for your product[s]. Please DO NOT confuse the serial number with the EAN/Barcode. The photo below represents the EAN/Barcode, which usually resides on the side of the product box, this is NOT the product serial number that you are required to submit to validate your claim. The serial number is located on the body of the product itself, to help you find your serial number please consult our guide for printers and cameras.

Why can’t I log onto the website with my tracking code?

Please note the login is case sensitive so please ensure you type it in exactly (with upper/lower case).

For the following issues when trying to register on-line:
- I’ve been trying to register for some time and it won’t let me
- I keep getting a ‘not authorised’ message
- I’ve tried resubmitting the form but it won’t work.
In MOST instances this is down to the device you are trying to access the website from i.e. a mobile/smart phone, apple mac, other device etc. it’s not a fault with the website. You will need to consult the manufacturer of the product you are using for advice in these instances. If the above frequently asked questions have not answered your query, you can email us on the email address below: techsupport@canon-cna.com

What if I can’t register my claim online?

If you are unable to register through the online registration form, please contact Canon customer support via email on techsupport@canon-cna.com

What are the different levels of Warranty Services?

Return To Base:
If a product develops a manufacturing fault during the warranty period then it must be returned to a Canon approved repair facility where it will be repaired free of charge by Canon authorised technicians. Your product will be returned to you when the repair is complete.

If an eligible product develops a manufacturing fault during the warranty period then On-Site Warranty service will be provided in one of the following ways:

  • On-Site Repair (via technician)
  • On-Site Exchange (via courier)

For further information regarding the different Warranty Services and for full Warranty terms and conditions please click here.

How do I claim my Promotional Warranty Services?

Once your claim is validated, if you need to obtain extended and/or upgraded warranty services provided via this offer, please contact Canon Support via email on techsupport@canon-cna.com

a.    Provide the full printer and camera model name and serial number*;
b.    Confirm the Operating system installed on your computer – if applicable;
c.    Confirm your contact details, address of the device/printer and your E-mail address;
d.    Provide proof of product purchase & activated promotional warranty offer, as per the email confirmation sent to you following online warranty registration(s);
e.    Provide a clear fault description and carry out any diagnostics as advised;
f.    Comply with any reasonable instructions from the Helpdesk to allow you to receive the warranty service.

* For help on where to find your serial number please consult our guide for printers and cameras.

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Buy any of the selected cameras & printers and you can enjoy greater piece of mind with our 3-Year Warranty Offer


*Terms & Conditions apply