Canon’s World of Education

Educating communities to create an inspired, visual imaging culture and nurturing the next generation.

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Why is Education important to Canon?

Education, in its vast form is vital for us as individuals to excel in our daily lives. With education, more doors and opportunities open and lead us towards a pathway of success.

Our approach to education on the continent aligns with Canons corporate philosophy, Kyosei, which is a Japanese concept meaning, living, and working together for the common good.

Through our educational programs we bring to life our commitment to sustainability, how we work together, and our desire to create an environment for everyone to thrive and grow.

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Our Educational Programmes

  • Canon Miraisha

    Shaping African youth in visual arts, whilst embodying Canon's Kyosei for sustainable livelihoods in photography, filmmaking, and print.

  • Canon Academy Juniors

    A photography course for kids aged between 8-16 that makes learning both creative and interesting, fostering a lifelong hobby while equipping them with vital life skills.

  • Canon Academy Photo

    Provides an opportunity for Canon users of all skillsets to learn through a myriad of e-learning photography content combined with hand’s-on training offered by certified trainers.

  • Canon Academy Video

    Your immersive virtual online film school for interactive learning on production stages, equipment, techniques and much more.

  • Canon Print Hub

    Your fountain of knowledge for printer tips, case studies, Creative Park and much more.

  • Canon Student Development Programme

    Empowering students aged 18 and above with professional insights, industry exposure, portfolio assessments, and essential photography skills for future careers.

  • Train the Trainer Programme

    Canon's Train the Trainer initiative invests in local capacity by educating professionals to share their knowledge with photographers, filmmakers, and the next generation. These professionals contribute to industry growth, community development, and successful training in accordance with Canon's principles.

    Canon Camera

    Meet our Trainers

    Our trainers are great professionals in their fields and come from all over Africa. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide you with the greatest Canon learning experience possible.

    • Valerie Oguchi

      Product & Lifestyle Photographer

      Lagos, Nigeria

    • Mostafa Abdel-Aty

      Events photographer

      Cairo, Egypt

    • Kelvin Kariithi

      Documentary & Events Photographer

      Mombasa, Kenya

    • Tore Oriase

      Events & Music Photographer / Videographer

      Lagos, Nigeria

    • Sam Zekri

      Portrait and Events Photographer

      Tunis, Tunisia

    • Osse Greca Sinare

      Travel Photographer
      Dar El Salam, Tanzania

    • Abate Damte

      Portrait & Wedding Photographer
      Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    • Rodney Quarcoo

      Documentary Photographer
      Accra, Ghana

    • Seibou Traore

      Portrait Photographer
      Abidjan, Ivory Coast

    • Edward Nwakuche

      Portrait & Wedding Photographer
      Enugu, Nigeria

    • Ben Mwangi

      Sports Photographer
      Nairobi, Kenya

    • Georgina Goodwin

      Documentary Photographer
      Nairobi, Kenya

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